We like to keep things simple, affordable, and clean. You won't find extensive photography packages here, or complicated payment plans. What we charge you is for the session, and the resulting digital images.

You're not just another shoot to us. We both have day jobs, but photography is where we get our fulfillment, creatively, and spiritually. If a prospective client doesn't click with us (and vice versa), no-one's going to have any fun, or be happy with the resulting images. Know that if we work with you, it's because we really want to - not because we have to.

Headshots (corporate or otherwise) are $150 for up to 1 hour of shooting, with a typical result of 10-20 digital images.

Baby, children, family, and pet sessions are $200 up, depending on circumstances, for a 2-3 hour shoot, with a typical result of 50-100 digital images. We're huge advocates of documenting your children and pets over the years, as they carry such emotional territory in our memories. Kids, especially, grow so fast - capturing their mannerisms, evolving personalities, and physical development is, in our eyes, invaluable.

Engagement and band shoots are $300 up, take 2-3 hours, with a typical result of 50-150 digital images.

Business sessions (food and venue photography, etc) - $350 up, depending on time and circumstances, with a typical result of 150+ images.

Weddings start from $2,500 up, and that's for two dedicated photographers for the duration of your event. We excel at intimate, genuine weddings, featuring kind and wonderful people with lots of love on show. This cost includes work outside of the actual ceremony - we like to hang out at the rehearsal, get to know you and your family, do a dry run shoot. Often we get some of our best images while you're distracted with the details. We're with you from start to finish so that everyone's familiar and more at ease, and that's when we start to blend in to your wedding landscape. And yes, we'd love to travel interstate and internationally to be there for your big day, although of course this comes with additional fees, such as airfare, transport expenses, and accommodation. But we're flexible, and will work with you on this, so please get in touch for an estimate.

(Got an idea that falls outside of these categories? Drop us a line and we'll see what we can do...)

Within 1-2 weeks of the shoot, you'll receive your edited digital images to do with as you wish - they're yours to send to family members and friends, print, and post online. We'll probably use a few favourites for our blog as well! All we ask is that you don't sell the images, pass them off as your own, use them for monetary gain, or any other type of shenanigan or tomfoolery - that's where the copyright part kicks in.

We know that every session is as unique as you are, and that means we're adaptable to your wants and needs. Take the time to flip through our archives, read the testimonials and FAQ, peruse our blog. Having someone document your Day In The Life is an intimate happening, and it's important to connect with both the aesthetic and the photographer. We hope that you choose to become a part of our creative journey.