It's not unusual to be a little anxious on the day of the shoot - sometimes being in front of the camera can be daunting, or awkward. That's why it's important that everyone knows exactly what to expect, and how to best experience a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for the shoot. Once you've adapted to being our subject, that's when the real magic happens. We're patient, friendly, (a bit dorky), and don't consider a session to be complete until everybody's happy...especially us.

Where's The Session? Wherever you want it to be, as long as it's safe (and legal!). Oregon and Washington are beautiful states, full of breathtaking forests, mountainous regions, and a distinct and rugged coastline. If you want to drive us to the coast for a family picnic, mushroom foraging, or a little camping trip, we'll happily go with you (and bring the s'mores). If you'd rather meet in the graffiti'd Industrial District of downtown PDX, that's a super cool setting, too. But honestly, if you're after an intimate family portrait session, there's nothing better than your own habitat. Your home, your backyard, your favorite park.  Paddling in a pool, walking the dog, finger painting, rolling around in Autumn leaves. Your daily life, the things you love, what tickles your fancy. We love outdoor sessions, of course, and natural lighting will always be best, but we're pretty adaptable, too. If there's heavy rain (ie: not just being Portland), if it's blindingly bright, we'll work with it, or reschedule a time that best suits us all.

What If We Need To Cancel? Sometimes kids get runny noses, or something unexpected comes up. If you give us a little courtesy notice (say, at least 24 hours), we're happy to reschedule. We're pretty decent people, and are understanding of the everyday upsets and hiccups of modern life.

Do You Shoot In Color, Or B&W? Both! We shoot in digital RAW, which means we'll present you with a mix of high resolution color and b&w edited images. Want one of the b&w images in color, or vice versa? Or a slightly different edit on a couple of shots? We can do that - within reason. Just let us know. Oh! And we also shoot in film, as an add-on. Click here if you want to know more.

What (Not) To Wear? Honestly, rocking up in your favorite pair of old pajamas will get better results than a new outfit that you're not really comfortable wearing. That doesn't mean you should look as though you just crawled out of a swamp, either, but comfort = happiness = you at your core. Texture + color don't hurt, either. Be yourself. That's exactly who we're there to photograph.

Hey, There's Two Of You...How Does That Work? We're a unified team, and provide support to each other for every single shoot - even if it's behind-the-scenes in the set-up or editing stages. While some sessions might be shot by Catt alone, more elaborate shoots (such as weddings, engagement, location sessions, etc) will have Wade on board. Over seven years of marriage we've both developed our own unique strengths and styles and areas of expertise, and we compliment each other both as a couple, and as photographers.

When Do We Pay, And How? After we've had a chance to communicate (phone or email, whatever you're comfortable with), we'd love to meet with you for coffee or at one of Portland's many famous happy hours for a quick chat and how do you do. If you want to work with us, great! We'll send you a digital invoice and a contract for signing - this is a necessity that protects everyone involved. We'll happily accept a check, or Paypal, all before the actual shoot takes place - weddings especially require up-front payment, as those dates tend to represent a very busy season for photographers. We've not yet had an unhappy client, but our contract is designed to look after you as a client, and us as professionals.

I Saw This Photograph On Pinterest, And Could You...? Nope. You won't get the railroad track shots with us, or a corny ultrasound superimposed on your pregnant belly (that's kinda...creepy). Not meaning to be rude, but we are not the droids you're looking for. We want real people, from all walks of life, warts and burps and skinned knees and all. We don't airbrush out your wrinkles, pose you unnaturally, or straighten your teeth. We know you're at your most true when feeling safe and loved, and that's the exact look we're after. We might shuffle you into a patch of sunlight, or remind you to unfold your arms twenty times, but it's our job to get the real you. It could be gritty, it shall be unique, and it will be beautiful.

In Conclusion: You'll see from our gallery and blog that we're not from the school of Smile At The Camera And Say "Cheese!". Henri Cartier-Bresson - a French artist considered to be the father of photojournalism, or street photography - termed the style as being "The Decisive Moment". This is our desired photographic aesthetic - the shot between poses, the millisecond of self-reflection, or when you're unaware of being watched. From a series of expressions, that one undeniable, untouchable frame where your actual soul is showing. That's the perfect storm, and we're always chasing it.