Catticut Palich

Catt stumbled across photography growing up in rural Australia, & learned to wrangle an old Russian SLR Zenith, which she named 'Tank' (it was). Being a typical awkward & slightly oddball teen, the darkroom was the perfect place to be both invisible & creative. She carries a genuine nostalgia for watching an image gradually appear on the paper as it floats in a chemical solution. It's magic.

She went on to study Visual Arts in Melbourne, fell in love with an American on LiveJournal, sold her Patterson tank, enlarger and darkroom kit, & moved to the States in 2006. The transition to digital was a stubborn one, but with encouragement from her husband - plus the Christmas gift of a brand spanking new Nikon D90 - she eventually came to the realization that she was kinda pretty good. The feeling she gets from being behind the lens is unlike anything she's experienced in her life to this point. It feels natural, confident, & compulsive. Catt often dreams about photographing people - craves it, almost - and one of her favorite pastimes is to go downtown and document the locals (Portland's perfect for street photography). It took her far too long to see it, but she now knows that being a photographer is her calling.

Her nostalgia for photography hearkens back to her childhood, and the many times she sat on her Nanna's lap, poring over the family album. She feels there's nothing more important than those images suspended in amber, and cannot think of a better way for her to contribute to this world than by creating personal, nostalgic memories for others.

Catt loves animals, kayaking, sushi, Twin Peaks, & those moments between poses when she can capture who you really are. That's when everyone involved gets to shine.


Wade Saathoff

Wade is a self-taught photographer, and a relentless explorer of the medium. Picking up digital photography as a hobby in 2004, he immediately became fascinated with the endless possibilities and eventually delved into many formats of film. Photography connected him to nature, giving him a way to relate to an environment he'd previously felt isolated from, and allowing him to express a perspective that he felt was different to how things were typically perceived.

He has a very recognizable style, and his work often embodies a quiet exploration of the loneliness of landscape and environment, often creating a miniature world from a single leaf or flower. Industry, rust, and the patterns of man-made objects also feature heavily in his work, and he has a distinct talent for incorporating people into his images. Wade endlessly strives for technical perfection, and continues to shock and impress his wife with the scope of his talent.